Why Hire 360 Catering Services

El Gouna has been known as one of the most idyllic destinations in the world. For Egyptians, it has been the obvious local choice for a vacation as well as, for some, the dream of a more permanent move. As for the rest of the world, you can find visitors from just about any country you can think of, all coming to kite, dive, party and soak up the sun.

People choose to have weddings in El Gouna, celebrate life, open businesses, retire and so much more in this perfect resort town. Because of this, El Gouna has as the ever-present need for a serious and committed catering company to bring the finest service to any unique event that might be coming up.

We, at 360 Catering, are just that service. We have been servicing El Gouna with expert catering and event planning for 25 years, adding continuously to our repertoire of menus and expanding on our list of locations.

El Gouna has grown at a phenomenal rate in size and diversity over the years. Our chefs have taken the time to learn and grow alongside the vast variety of cultures that live in El Gouna as well as those that are just here for a visit. All walks of life have added the cosmopolitan nature we find in El Gouna and, in some ways, communities develop within these cultures, while in other ways they blend together, forming a culture unique only to El Gouna.

With so much diversity, 360 Catering are kept on the cutting edge of cultural trends as well as entertainment trends which allow us to stay up to date with the best and most modern in event entertainment.

Our events are tailor-made to fit just about every need, but we have a few special themes, from further afield, that we take great pride in delivering. Locally, we have our Arabian nights with all the ambience and culinary delights of Egypt and the surrounding countries.

We reach as far as New York to deliver a Bronx night with music and art to suit the urban flare.

Back at home, we produce fantastic beach parties as well as our Red Sea Rave – making the most of the splendid waters of The Red Sea.

If finding a location is difficult, why not simply use one of our famed hotels to host your event? Privacy, exclusivity and fantastic settings are just a few reasons to host your event with us. Your preference of style should not be hard to find as our hotels offer a wide range of choices. From sea to desert, from sand to golf course, you should be able to find the perfect location to tailor fit your event.

El Gouna is not the only jewel on the Red Sea, however. Celebrations are taking place in Hurghada, Sahl hasheesh, and Soma Bay that are needing event planning and expert catering. We have happily obliged to service these beautiful areas with our exceptional and reputable catering service, making sure nobody is left uncared for.