Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to cater to everybody’s needs. We are not an allergy-free catering service, but we do go to great lengths to make sure that all dietary requirements are adhered to for each individual. Please discuss with us well in advance.

Absolutely. Most of our clients have a budget and we look forward to working within the repertoire of our menu and service options available to provide you with great value that suits your financial plan.

Our chefs and staff have been catering to and servicing events in El Gouna for many years. So, it is the experience with locals and foreigners alike that has made us so good at what we do.

360 Catering’s creative and experienced chefs are well versed in all styles of cuisines, from west to east. We love the creativity behind good food and enjoy fulfilling our client’s vision. We will take great pride in customizing the perfect menu for our clients.

We’re based in El Gouna, but we cater to Hurghada, Shal Hasheesh, as far down as Soma Bay and everywhere in between.

Yes. We are here to help you to make your day perfect. We, therefore, go to every length and collaborate with your wedding planner to make the day about nothing else but the wedding.

Yes, but we will need at least 10 days’ notice in order to prepare properly to ensure we deliver your menu as you require it.

Yes. Please contact us to arrange a tasting at a suitable time.

Yes, we do. We offer both local and foreign wines and liquors. They are provided by a third party.

This is a possibility but subject to the theme of the event. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

You have the option to take some leftovers with you. If you choose not to, nothing is wasted as there are plenty of staff who will share out any leftovers if this is something you are comfortable with.

We’ve been doing this for 25 years!

This depends on the size of the event. For a wedding of 500 plus, we will need about 2 months to plan. For a dinner event of about 10, we only need 48 hours.

For bigger events, yes. A minimum of 50% upfront will be required.