We are no strangers to events and catering in El Gouna. Our events are meticulously planned and we cater for just about all types of parties and celebrations. From hard-hitting street parties to elegant weddings, we have what it takes to deliver the perfect event.


Weddings are one of life’s major milestones. While the decision of lifelong love deserves a celebration to remember, a wedding does not happen without careful planning and a fair share of stress.

At 360 Catering, we take all the catering concerns on our shoulders, allowing the bride, the groom and the families to focus on each other and to celebrate in perfection.

With exquisitely crafted menus that are designed according to your taste, 360 Catering strives in every area to ensure your reception is truly memorable.

Arabic night oasis 360

There is no better way to experience Arabian nights than in the deserts of the Arab region. The cultures of this region, however, expand further than the Arabian peninsula and surrounding areas. Human migration has brought influences from as far afield as India.

Egypt, located halfway between India and Morrocco is a melting pot of Arabian culture, combining, food, music, dance and culture. And, here in Egypt, we know exactly how to bring the best of our culture alive.

Bronx Party

The Bronx is synonymous with Hip Hop, graffiti and street culture. In other words, all things cool. 360 Catering brings The Bronx to El Gouna by facilitating parties in line with hard-hitting Hip Hop and the bright colors of street art.

This is not all The Bronx has to offer, however. Home to the New York Yankees, Little Italy and Arthur Avenue, there are all sorts of culinary delights to add to the mix, making The Bronx Party as authentic as possible without being in The Bronx itself.

Lounge Beach

Beach parties can take on many different forms. From kids parties, to barbeques, to dance parties, beaches have the ability to put everybody in the mood for good living. Without offices, traffic or technology, beaches connect us with nature and each other.

But a good beach party is only a success when there’s good food and good planning. Not only do we provide both of those for beach parties but we help create an ambience that takes it from a beach party to a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Red Sea rave 360

El Gouna and the rest of the Red Sea coast offers some of the best conditions for motor yachting in the world. With calm, crystal clear waters, boating could not be better. We have taken this opportunity to host, and cater to, parties and corporate events on the Red Sea itself.

Sailing out on the azure waters, far away from terrestrial restrictions and offering total exclusivity, a party or event on the Sea can be a dream come true.

Corporate Catering

Planning, preparing and hosting the perfect corporate function can be taxing and stressful. Especially if tackled alone. However, 360 catering is here to help make sure your event is the one the office is talking about for all the right reasons.

At 360 Catering, we understand that corporate events include an elite level of service from a team of exemplary staff. With this in mind, the team at 360 Catering have a solid reputation and are regarded as one of the most highly respected corporate caterers that El Gouna has to offer.