The Company

360 Catering offers a wide spectrum of unique and specialized catering services in El Gouna and beyond. Our team plans events meticulously – from start to finish – to meet the specific needs of our clients. Budget, location and theme are all taken into consideration when planning events which enables us to create a most memorable and successful occasion.

El Gouna, known also as the Red Sea Rivera, is a haven separate from the rest of the world. Because 'Life is as it should be', El Gouna lends itself  to larger-than-life-occasions such as weddings, celebrations, parties, festivals and more. Over the years, this has given us the wealth of experience needed to deliver a perfect catering experience to each and every event.

At 360 Catering, our menus are created to reflect our client’s personal tastes and set the tone for each event. We take great pride in tasteful presentation as presentation is what separates the average from the exquisite. We use only fresh, high quality ingredients when preparing a selection of foods that taste as wonderful as they look.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a major event, 360 Catering takes enormous pride in creating an occasion to remember.

Here in El Gouna, we value a wide connection to a diverse community and take great pride in being sensitive to the vast and specific tastes of a wealth of different cultures. This diverse culture is growing and expanding beyond El Gouna, southwards along Egypt's Red Sea coast, and for this reason, we are proud to include Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh and Soma Bay in our catering repertoire.

Sometimes Classic | Sometimes Punk

Sometimes Slow Food | Sometimes Fast Food

Sometimes Gourmet Chefs | Sometimes the guys at the Barbecue

Sometimes Visionaries | Sometimes Organization Talents

We were already Bride-Stabilizer and organized for the Groom a forgotten Papillion.

We are always:

100 % engaged | 100 % friendly | 100 % premium